FAQ – User Related Questions

Do you sell or share my personal data?

Absolutely not. Our policy and practice is to never share or sell personal information. Check out our legal.

There are so many news apps out there, why should I download this one?

We are so much more than just news. DemCon is not a replacement for any of your other apps, but rather an educational break from sensationalist media. We manually sift through large amounts of content for facts, quotes, definitions, and history points that we think will pique your interest – and we think that makes us unique.

I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?

We are a new app, continually beta testing in 2022 and beyond. Email us if you encounter any issues at info@demcon.app.

Why can I only log in with my phone number?

Data privacy is a big thing for us. The mobile # login is smooth and effortless, but it’s also easy to activate your biometrics login once you create your account [Settings – Touch/FaceId access].

You ask me for a lot of account setup information before I even see the app - why?

This platform finds its strength in its customization options. When your main feed loads for the first time you will have a personalized news and media environment ready for exploring. This is key for our platform structure, preventing us from giving you a “taste” of the app before you give us some information first.

As you must have noticed upon logging in with ONLY your phone number (no Google/Facebook/Apple login option), we are not like most apps. None of the personal information you supply in our onboarding will be shared with third parties. EVER. Check out our legal again.

Why do you ask for my birthday? I do not like giving that out

We need to confirm your age as our app is 13+ but, we repeat, none of your private information will EVER be shared. With correct birth dates, we can analyze big-data trends in news preferences – you can trust us, and trust our CEO & Founder.

Do you use my personal information and data to sell ads?

No. Check out our legal.

How do I manage my account?

From within your account settings, you can pin a specific state to your feed, mute sources, and “understand” sources, politicians, and political parties to send content into your main feed. You can specify your desire to see left-ish, right-ish or both sides for your main feed’s news and videos as well.

My text looks super zoomed in, what's up?

Do you have zoomed-in text on your phone normally? For this early app version, we are not able to handle big changes to the formatting of our text. When using our platform please revert to regular text size, just for the time being!

How do I turn on Face ID/fingerprint to be able to log in that way?

From within your account settings, click on “Disable/Enable Touch/FaceId access” to activate your biometrics login.

Who is this app for?

DemCon is designed to have something for everyone. Are you a student researching a history project?  Or a retired military officer who wants to keep up on veterans’ local issues?  Or a new mom looking for eco-friendly products?  The app elegantly curates information for all of you. Check out our Instagram.

Can I communicate with other users in the app?

We are not a social media platform. However, when you share content to your platforms or contacts you can communicate with other DemCon users/potential users that way.

Ok I am in. What do I do now?

Start by clicking on “see all” news articles and “see all” videos in our main feed to get a taste of what kind of content you will find on this ever-evolving platform. Move around the app to familiarize yourself with our app functionality. Practice using our sorts, filters, and menus.

Everyone will find different parts of the app that interest them the most – whether it is politician profiles, local nonprofit news, our robust search function, historical videos, or inspirational quotes. We have it all.

What does it mean if I "mute" something?

We curate, and then we give you the option to customize your feeds. You can mute a media provider that you do not want to see any more content from and, in future versions, you will also be able to mute a thematic category, political party, or politician. You can view a list of these choices in the account settings in the app.

What does it mean if I "understand" something?

Send media into your main feed if you like it. Click the lightbulb on any news story or video if you find a media source that you like, to fill your app home page with what is new and interesting to you.  Click your governor’s lightbulb if you want to make sure their curated news is always visible to you. Much of our content does not normally filter into the main feed.

Do you offer the option for me to share media to your app?

Not currently.