Media Partnership

Are you a media company, organization, or individual actively working to increase awareness around an issue that aligns with one of our thematic categories? Partner with us. There are 8+ unique areas within the DemCon app where your media can be distributed, providing wider exposure relative to legacy media platforms. We pride ourselves on our media source selection, and partnership is no different.

Becoming a DemCon media partner means acceptance into our priority data list. Our team hand-curates all of our news stories, videos, facts, definitions, quotes, and history points, but our partners get more air time. If you like what we are doing and want to work more closely with us, send us an email at

Some key notes:

  • The UnderstandUs® user-to-media provider function is available for every piece of your content that we enter into our system. It works to funnel every new piece of historic or dynamic data into the user’s main feed
  • Our facts, quotes, definitions, and history points rotate so that no content is ever lost
  • The DemCon search function gives our users filters to optimize and better hone in on their search. If we enter an environmental fact about New York from your website, for example, that will be searchable – no matter how old it is


Media Partner Criteria

In order for our team to promote your content, you must check all the boxes:

  1. U.S. based media organization
  2. Your website must be mobile optimized
  3. You are working to actively and creatively explain, promote and/or solve a pressing issue that aligns with one or more DemCon Thematic Categories (Addiction, Animals & Wildlife, Crime, Democracy, Economy, Education, Environment, Fair Trade, Food & Drink, Homelessness, Immigration, Law, Mental Health, Military, Parenting, Physical Health, Space, Technology, Travel & Recreation, or Veterans)
  4. We require your written permission to make DemCon content cards out of your data with your logo, source, and reference link

If you have any questions or want to discuss partnership, reach out to us at