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Our start-up crew is working diligently every day to update and curate full-stack profiles for these Thematic Categories:

Addiction, Crime, Democracy, Economy, Education, Environment, Fair Trade, Homelessness Immigration, Law, Mental Health, Military, Parenting, Physical Health, Space, Technology, travelĀ  Recreation, and Veterans

If you have a media background or experience with any of these subjects, we welcome and value your expertise.

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Searching for people with:
  • A passion for your assigned topics and a strong desire to educate our users
  • The eagerness to shine a line on independent and alternative media
  • An interest in current news & events and historical literacy
  • Fluent in English (USA-based app)
  • Access to a secure Mac and high-speed internet
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Strong attention to detail and good communication skills
  • A willingness to learn how to use our in-house proprietary software where we add news, videos, facts, quotes, definitions, history points, products, and events
  • A full and deep understanding of how the app functions

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