We welcome all types of media providers

Does DemCon rate media bias internally?

No. DemCon media bias ratings are based on the average rating and unique methodology of both All Sides and Media Bias Fact Check. We use these ratings as a starting point. Our small team is focused on the selection and categorization of media content and we source from over 3,700 media companies, giving our users a wide and diverse range of information to choose from. Much of our content isn’t political. 

What media providers can I find in the app?

Alongside recognizable media companies, our sources include academics and university publishing, national and regional nonprofits, independent and investigative journalists and videographers, foundations, think tanks, government agencies and departments, and magazines. 

How does DemCon choose news stories and other media?

We use our diverse backgrounds and perspectives to try to find a well-rounded selection of content for our users, and give extra air time to media from sources that are proven to be publicly funded and investigatory, or local and in need of support – check out the State Categories to support local state PBS and rumble channels. 

You might see older news and videos pop up; we are always adding historical data along with current news. Just sort by date in the app to see the most recently dated content – we have no time for the breaking news race, and consider ourselves to be an educational resource over just a news app.


Can I apply to be a media provider?

We select our media sources based on a system of merit. If you like what we are doing and are interested in becoming a media provider please email us at info@demcon.app.

How does the red, blue and purple dots apply to me as a media provider?

We take our political leaning concept very seriously but recognize that many small/local sources do not have public ratings. That is where our discretion and updated research come into play if we post local content into the main feed. If you think we have labeled your media incorrectly, please reach out to us at info@demcon.app.

Remember, most media in the main feed will be labeled with a purple dot if it has no political leaning, meaning all users (right-ish, left-ish, both sides) will see your content.

How can I get my products into the app market?

Our market has high ethical standards to urge our users to shop more sustainably. If you are a company with an affiliate program & are interested in having products in our market, please apply at affiliate@demcon.app.

What does it mean when a user "understands" me?

Much of our content filters into the thematic categories and states, not the main feed, unless a user understands you. This function can give you wider exposure; the better your content, the more users will understand you, and the more prominent your media will be within the app as it filters into users’ main feeds.

What does it mean when a user "mutes" me?

This means that they would no longer see content from your company or organization. We want our users to have the ability to customize their app experience and are hoping to shine a light on local nonprofit sources that need exposure!