A New Kind of Media Experience

Viewpoint Diversity and Empowerment

The DemCon app is an immersive multidisciplinary platform which aims to provide the user with a 360° view of current and historical news and events. We are a team of politically impartial curators, united by a deep-seated desire for media transparency and a return to old school media. With an idealistic view for higher standards of digital content, we personally hand pick our content and do not use algorithmic curation.

Our 360 degree concept

You control your main news and video feeds by selecting either left-ish, right-ish or both sides, indicated by the red, blue or purple dot.

All content outside your main News Articles and Videos feeds are a 360° view.

Zero in on what’s most important

The app will feature a diverse range of media sources, from fact and opinion based media, think tank, non-profit, academic and political party published content. DemCon is predicated on the view that all American citizens should have access to a deep and wide journalistic pool of informative content in order to form their own opinions.

Types of media include local, regional and national news stories and videos, opinion editorials, facts, quotes, definitions, press releases, and historical perspectives. All of our published content is unbiasedly selected by our but they are longer.



The app features personalized profiles for american politicians and political parties. The UnderstandMe® and UnderstandUs® function will allow the user to see updates from a specific politician or political party, similar to the function of a “Follow”. This means that their tagged content will filter into your News Articles and Videos sections of your main feed.

The DemCon Marketplace

Surveys: Our surveys are, effectively, questions posed to our citizens. They are simple processes, do not require a separate sign up procedure and can be shared with your circle of influence

Opinion Polls: Rate our senior elected officials on real-time polls on a general poll basis, or on each category. The polls are dynamic and users can make their views heard on a daily basis


DemCon is a RASO® media environment (Read Act, & Share Only). We are different from social media in that our digital environment is comment, spam, like and troll-free, while providing you with the tool to share to your social media and email/SMS

A New Kind of Media Experience.

Be Informed Beyond Headlines